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2017 Tournament Winners

Full list of the results from Final's Weekend.

Below are all the winners and runners up from the 2017 Club Tournament at FHTTC.

For full Role of Honour please click here.

Senior Events

Men's Singles

Winner: G Henwood

Runner Up: J Danvers

Ladies' Singles

Winner: C Thompson

Runner Up: L Burns

Men's Doubles

Winners: S Elliot/J Sullivan

Runners Up: D Jones/M Duncalf

Ladies' Doubles

Winners: C Thompson/L McGarry

Runners Up: K Cartwright/M McLeod

Mixed Doubles

Winners: S Elliot/L McGarry

Runners Up: M Thompson/C Thompson

Men's Singles Plate

Winner: Jack Terry

Runner Up: M Kershaw

Men's Doubles Plate

Winners: J Danvers/D Scarisbrick

Runners Up: C Clark/M Denison

Ladies' Doubles Plate

Winners: T Hanson/C Speakman

Runners Up: C Gee/S Leech

Mixed Doubles Plate

Winners: J McLeod/A Brown

Runners Up: H Power/B Davies

Junior Events

Junior Girls' Singles

Winner: R Warne

Runner Up: I McGarry

Junior Girls' Doubles

Winners: R Warne/I McGarry

Runner Up: J Spence/M Steel

12 & Under Boys' Singles

Winner: D Jadoenathmisier

Runner Up: E Cray

12 & Under Boys' Doubles

Winners: D Jadoenathmisier/S McGarry

Runners Up: E Cray/J Savage

14 & Under Boys' Singles

Winner: J Sullivan

Runner Up: S Jadoenathmisier

16 & Under Boys' Singles

Winner: C Dykes

Runner Up: J Danvers

16 & Under Boys' Doubles

Winners: O Fanning/J Stuart

Runners Up: M Kershaw/M Strong

18 & Under Boys' Singles

Winner: J Danvers

Runner Up: D Scarisbrick

18 & Under Boys' Doubles

Winners: A Smith/R Smith

Runners Up: J Danvers/D Scarisbrick

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